Re: What files does Windows 95 check when it boots up ?

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 10:13:14 -0000

> You can close the "blue sky" windows splash screen prematurely by hitting
> the escape button as soon as it shows. It is only there so that MS can
> the fact that the Win95 OS really starts with a command prompt. With it
> disabled, you can see what the computer is loading on startup. Try
> rid of the autoexec.bat and config.sys since Win95 does not need them to
> boot. They are only there for backwards compatibility.

My customer wants to have McAfee Viruscan to run a check everytime she
boots. That's why I can't get rid of autoexec.bat.

We did try to get rid of it, but it resulted in more flickers.

When I put back an empty config.sys, 1 flicker went away.

> Back to your original question.. Aside from Autoexec.bat and Config.sys,
> Win95 first loads msdos.sys. Although it is a .sys file, it is really a
> text file. Messing up this file can make your system inoperable. If you
> ever get to sit down at this machine, you might want to set bootGUI=0 in
> msdos.sys and see what scrolls across the screen on bootup.

Hey, that's great info. I will try it. Thanks !!

> Last of all, if there is only one flicker, it may be that the frequency
> changing from the default to something different when the machine
> from command mode to GUI mode. One example would be if you changed the
> screen size of the desktop to 600x800, etc..

Any ideas on how to do away with this switching ?

> My question: Why don't you do them a favor and tell them to have someone
> look at it if it bothers them so much?

I did. Actually, my brother sold them the PC. I'm trying to save him the
effort because I know nothing's wrong with the hardware. I myself don't
mind the flicker. It's just that the customer insists on eliminating the
flicker. Anyway, I've told my brither to head on to the customer's house
and check it out. But even he doesn't see that there's a problem at all -
much less, know a solution to teh so called "problem".

- Danny