Re: @Work

Nick Muhlbauer ( )
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 21:00:23 -0600

I'm currently using @home.
I have had nothing but good luck with it.
The only outage I've had is when someone took out a telephone pole in my area.

A friend of mine has it in his apartment complex and it has only worked a
couple of days over the last few months. I think it's a problem in the
apartments though.
I'm on the same backbone.

My service is 45 a month. I can get about 760 kilobYtes a second off the
internet provided the remote server is fastenough.

Keep one thing in mind...
Out of the 10Mbit total bandwidth, only 768k is upload.

Also find out if the data is encrypted while on the coax.
That can become a big security issue.

Howie Hamlin wrote:

> Anybody have any experience with the @work network
> ( They sent me some info on low cost T-1 but
> then I found out that they are providing the service via the cable network
> (this kind of scares me).
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