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John Scrivner ( )
Tue, 16 Dec 97 20:21:18 CST

I am on Ameritech in Southern Illinois. We have a Northern Telecom DMS-100
switch. I was under the impression that the DMS-100 would only allow one
analog connection over ISDN on a BRI circuit. The second B channel could
only be data. Have you or any one else heard anything like this? Does anyone
know of a source of information on what can be done with the DMS-100?
Ameritech for the most part doesn't even know. You get a different answer
most times when you call. I have been using I-modems provisioned with only
one B channel to serve x2. This works but it is very expensive in comparison
to PRI. Sorry off subject.
John Scrivner

>George, you can use I-modems but they consume 2 B channels of a BRI and
>only allow ONE 56k X2 channel per BRI. If you use a USR modem pool you can
>get 8 BRIs and get 16 B channels out of the deal that you offer either
>33.6, 56k, or ISDN on. Going rate of a MPi-16 is about $5800. You can plug
>them into serial ports or a term server. You can also get a netserver 16 by
>USR for about $7000.
>These will give you easy 56, access without moving to a PRI solution.
>David Payer
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