RE: 5.0Ai28 in Max 40xx

Ed Miller ( )
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:16:55 -0500

What does 5.0i28 fix/do?

On Tuesday, December 16, 1997 9:27 AM, Josh Hillman [] wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck getting the recent release of 5.0Ai28 (tk.m40) to
> install into a Max 4004 or 4048? We tried installing it in ours this past
> sunday and needless to say, it dit NOT work. We had 5.0Ap36 in there and
> went to use i28, but when installing it on our Maxes, ran into problems.
> The "tloadcode" went fine the first time--after it loads, we typed in
> "nvramc" like we always do. The Maxes reset one time, then brought up the
> console screen in "restricted mode", saying at the very top, to rerun
> "tloadcode". So I did, but each time, it timed out. It turns out that all
> settings in the Maxes were wiped out. After re-establishing an IP and
> gateway, I reran the tloadcode again. This time, it started loading the
> code in a different way, but half-way through it, it timed out for some
> reason (this happened every time I tried doing it). After trying to do
> this multiple times, I did a "trestore" on our config files that I saved
> just prior to the attempted upgrade and at least got my settings back.
> After resetting the Max manually, everything came up and the version showed
> "i28" but the status of all of my lines were "c" instead of "-" or "*". At
> that point, I reinstalled 5.0Ap36, and that went in without any problems at
> all. Anyway, I'm still using 5.0Ap36 because I couldn't succesfully load
> i28.
> If anyone successfuly installed this, I'd sure like to know how you did it.
> If you were thinking of installing 5.0Ai28, BEWARE!
> Josh Hillman
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