5.0Ai28 in Max 40xx

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 09:27:03 -0500

Has anyone had any luck getting the recent release of 5.0Ai28 (tk.m40) to
install into a Max 4004 or 4048? We tried installing it in ours this past
sunday and needless to say, it dit NOT work. We had 5.0Ap36 in there and
went to use i28, but when installing it on our Maxes, ran into problems.
The "tloadcode" went fine the first time--after it loads, we typed in
"nvramc" like we always do. The Maxes reset one time, then brought up the
console screen in "restricted mode", saying at the very top, to rerun
"tloadcode". So I did, but each time, it timed out. It turns out that all
settings in the Maxes were wiped out. After re-establishing an IP and
gateway, I reran the tloadcode again. This time, it started loading the
code in a different way, but half-way through it, it timed out for some
reason (this happened every time I tried doing it). After trying to do
this multiple times, I did a "trestore" on our config files that I saved
just prior to the attempted upgrade and at least got my settings back.
After resetting the Max manually, everything came up and the version showed
"i28" but the status of all of my lines were "c" instead of "-" or "*". At
that point, I reinstalled 5.0Ap36, and that went in without any problems at
all. Anyway, I'm still using 5.0Ap36 because I couldn't succesfully load

If anyone successfuly installed this, I'd sure like to know how you did it.
If you were thinking of installing 5.0Ai28, BEWARE!

Josh Hillman