Re: SSL on IIS ?

Zak Wolfinger ( (no email) )
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 08:03:40 -0500

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>Have you received the digital certificate from the certificate provider (we
>use Verisign)?

I have a "trial" key from Verisign.

>If you have, and have entered it into IIS, the next step is to select a
>directory on that server which will be secure. You don't wan't to secure
>everything, just the directory where the forms will be stored. Remember
>that everything in that directory will be encrypted when accessed via a web
>browser - html, pictures, sounds, etc. - so you will want to keep it to a
>Using the WWW service manager, enter the directory, map an IP address to
>it, and select the "Secure SSL only" option."

Been there, done that, still doesn't work. I set it up exactly as you have
indicated. When I try to pull up a test page (basically just an html page
with "this is a test") using https:\\blahblahblah it sends the certificate
information, but when it tries to bring up the actual test.htm page, it just
waits for about 60 seconds and then the browser times out. Does this on 3
different NT 4.0 SP3 servers (with asp.dll hotfix). The 3rd server that I
tried is a fresh installation with ONLY NT4SP3 and IIS 3.0 installed. Any

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