setup of NT sub-ISP

Clara Hatem ( )
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 23:41:04 +0200


I will start by specifying that I am working for a Solaris based ISP, so
therefore I thought I could get help from you ,(NT ISPs), in the setup
of an NT sub-ISP for one of my clients.
That client now has the following setup:
NT 4.0 server running mdaemon server for mail and wingate as proxy.
That client also has Routing and Ras server running on that server, and
accepts dial-in connections on 12 modems.
he provides the internet connection to these dial-in connections, by
dialing out to our services (DUN of NT 4.0), where he is assigned a
static IP u.v.w.178.
we also provided him with a subnet of 16 IPs x.y.z.80.
The x.y.z.81 is assigned to the server. the modems are served from a
pool (the rest of
the subnet)
this subnet is routed (in our routing tables) thru the static IP

Now that client bought a cisco 1005 router, and will be connected to our
services thru a microwave link. The modem (cisco 1005), boots from a
TFTP server (installed on the NT 4.0 server)
later on, that client will extend the Internet access also to his local
I am wondering on the configuration that should be done after
installation of the cisco router. I planned the setup as follows, please
add or rectify :

1- assign another subnet of 16, e.g s.r.t.80 , for the LAN.
assign for example s.r.t.81 for the NT server ethernet, and s.r.t.82 for
the cisco ethernet port.
2- on the NT server, enable IP forwarding (in order to have all the
dial-in connections routed to the ethernet of the server, and from there
to the router ethernet, than to the router serial port which is linked
to our services).
3- on the NT server, also specify s.r.t.82 (ethernet of cisco router) as
a TCP/IP gateway in network/protocols/TCPIP gateway.
3- in our routing tables, change routing of subnet x.y.z.80 to have the
x.y.z.81 IP (NT server) as a gateway.( or isn't it necessary ???)
4- on the LAN PCs, specify s.r.t.82 as a TCP/IP gateway.
5- what should be the TCP/IP gateway address for the clients dialing
into the NT server ??? x.y.z.81 ??

are there any static routes that should be added on the NT server ???

Please advise on the best setup.

thank you,