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Mitch Wagers ( )
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 13:40:07 -0800

That's what I explained in the beginning, never said it did billing.

At 12:32 PM 12/7/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sat, 6 Dec 1997, bp wrote:
>> I am in need of a solution for leased line accounting.
>> We use a LIVINGSTON Portmaster PM2 for leased lines and it makes logs
>> of bandwith utilization but if it goes offline for some reason it
>> deletes the log because they are saved in working memory of PM2
>It really just has running statistics, not quite the same as
>bandwidth reporting.
>> So anybody of You could give me info how You store and track for
>> bandwith usage on leased lines? (I saw MRTG but it stores the info
>> only to grafics but then I had to write it manually to the
>> billing...)
>Every NAS our router will have its own way. Its really a pot
>shot of support. One customer has a way of doing it for a Cisco.
>An SNMP solution like MRTG is your best bet for grabbing the
>information, but then you have to process and summarize it. I
>was playing with adding an extension for MRTG, but never finished
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