RE: MS Exchange as Mailserver

George G. Stossel ( (no email) )
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 08:38:00 -0500

1. Yes. If everyone has some M$ mail or exchange client, then they
connect to the server for sending mail. With MS Mail, there is an
Exchange server component that emulates the Mail postoffice. With
Exchange client (or Outlook) you connect directly with the server for
sending mail.

2. Yes. If you mean that you have Email addresses for varying domains.
When you set up a mailbox in exchange, you get a set of default Email
addresses for the various types of mail services you are hosting (MS
Mail, Internet, X.25, etc.). You can then define additional addresses
of any type that are served by the box. You just need to tell IMC
(internet mail connector) that these domains are inbound.

3. Yes. The IMC functions in this roll on either a dedicated connection
or in a dialup mode.

Your customers will have to configure your Exchange server name as =
mail server.

We are an ISP and are using Exchange as our mail server. It is not
simple to set up, but it works well when it is set up properly. We
bought Video Training tapes from Keystone to get us started. This was =
big help at first, just to be able to understand the architecture, but
for later debugging they were of no help.

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> Subject: MS Exchange as Mailserver
> I am going to lease a webserver which is placed at my =
> backbone. As mailserver they recommend me to use MS Exchange Server. =
> have no experience
> with Exchange that's why I am asking.=A0
> =A0
> 1. Can Exchange be used as a standard SMTP-Server for everybody (not
> only NT-users)
> 2. Is it possible to host multiple domains with one IP=A0
> 3. Can Exchange work as a standard POP3 Server=A0
> =A0
> My typical scenario would be like this:
> =A0
> Lets asume I have 20 customers each with his own domain. Also each
> customer has only a standard dial-in connection (dynamic IP) to the
> Internet. Maybe the customer is running Exchange in his internal LAN.
> My Server should keep all mail for each domain, so when my customers
> connect to internet they should be able to fetch all their mail. Will
> I be able to do this with Exchange Server?
> =A0
> Sorry, if I am asking basic questions, but I don't like to spend
> several days in learning about Exchange to find out that it is
> impossible to use it. So please give me some ideas if it is worth to
> learn Exchange.
> =A0
> TIA=A0
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