Re: MS Exchange as mailserver

Steve Patches ( )
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 08:30:46 -0500

>1. Can Exchange be used as a standard SMTP-Server for everybody (not
only NT-users)
>2. Is it possible to host multiple domains with one IP

Yes, Exchange handles this just fine. You simply give it the
list of domains that should be accepted as inbound, and then of course
all your DNS MX records have to be set up to point to the same IP. This
is one of the few advantages that Exchange has over NTMail. You end up
saving a lot of IP's.

>3. Can Exchange work as a standard POP3 Server

Yes, that also works fine.

>Lets asume I have 20 customers each with his own domain. Also each
customer has only a standard dial-in connection (dynamic >IP) to the
Internet. Maybe the customer is running Exchange in his internal LAN. My
Server should keep all mail for each domain, >so when my customers
connect to internet they should be able to fetch all their mail. Will I
be able to do this with Exchange >Server?

I'm not familiar with how you would pass all mail for a domain over to
another Exchange server, but I vaguely remember reading about it

>Sorry, if I am asking basic questions, but I don't like to spend
several days in learning about Exchange to find out that it is
>impossible to use it. So please give me some ideas if it is worth to
learn Exchange.

We use MS Exchange here and it works great for our company email, and OK
for hosting other people's domains. However, I've found it hard (or
impossible) to use with things like forwarders and mailing lists. So
we've installed NTMail to deal with those types of issues.

Hope this helps,