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Wed, 3 Dec 1997 09:37:17 +1000


MS Exchange Server is impossible to learn and installed. Too complicated.

The other problem is that it insists on unsing NT SAM database user as
mailbox names. So basically you have to let all your ISP dialing users to
become your NT network user which I don't want.

So we have to give it up.


From: Juergen Weiss <>
To: NTISP Mailinglist <>
Subject: MS Exchange as Mailserver
Date: Tuesday, December 02, 1997 7:58 PM

I am going to lease a webserver which is placed at my uplink-providers
backbone. As mailserver they recommend me to use MS Exchange Server. I have
no experience
with Exchange that's why I am asking.

1. Can Exchange be used as a standard SMTP-Server for everybody (not only
2. Is it possible to host multiple domains with one IP
3. Can Exchange work as a standard POP3 Server

My typical scenario would be like this:

Lets asume I have 20 customers each with his own domain. Also each customer
has only a standard dial-in connection (dynamic IP) to the Internet. Maybe
the customer is running Exchange in his internal LAN. My Server should keep
all mail for each domain, so when my customers connect to internet they
should be able to fetch all their mail. Will I be able to do this with
Exchange Server?

Sorry, if I am asking basic questions, but I don't like to spend several
days in learning about Exchange to find out that it is impossible to use
it. So please give me some ideas if it is worth to learn Exchange.

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