Oooops - thought I knew what I was doing

Pat Augustine ( (no email) )
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 13:06:14 -0500

I appear to have made a mistake. We just upgraded our SQL server and I
thought it was a perfect time to fix our ongoing problem with the username
field being too short in the Calls table. We built the database, using the
scripts that come with Emerald 2.1.08 (most recent we have) and reloaded the
data from a dump. Everything was great.
Then I noticed that the username field was back to 12 characters. We didn't
have much data as of yet, so I DROPped the table and cut/pasted the Create
Table CALLS portion of insttab.sql into ISQL_W and recreated it. I re-ran
the trigger, just to be safe.

I seem, however, to have missed a step, as the CALLS table remains empty,
regardless of users signing on and off. Attempts to search (using the
Emerald "Time On" tab) result in an "Error in SQL Statement" message.
Searches using ISQL_W, indicate the table is blank (and I assume that's the
cause of the Emerald error, but let me know if I'm wrong).

The good news is that the users validate just fine and the CallsOnline view
continues to work. So, how do I fix the CALLS table? I'd appreciate any

Pat Augustine
Interlink America