Re: Operator Access

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 14:32:21 -0800

John Lange wrote:
> >Stay tuned. You should here a bunch of announcements fairly soon.
> <snip>
> What does this mean EXACTLY!!!

I'm finishing up two announcements that should make most people

> Latest problems with 2.2.38!!!
> 2.2.38 uses the CR 5 print engine (can't buy CR 5 to customize) so, our CR
> 4 reports screw up the invoices printing the top of the next invoice on the
> bottom of the current invoice. So we print from 2.2.11. OK, so NOW, 2.2.38

There is in inv50.rpt file on our FTP site that fixes this. Its
been hashed many times on this list.

> rounds the 5.5% tax on 19.95 to 21.04 but prints out 21.05 like it should.
> Now when we pay the invoice it gives the customer .01 credit.

I don't follow this one. The invoice amount is a dollar figure.
Where is 21.05 being displayed that is incorrect?

> Next: If we delete an invoice instead of voiding it, and re-create it,
> that customer will NOT get a bill the next month. OK so we now only void

If you delete an invoice, Emerlad doesn't move the expiration back.
Voiding does. Just move the expiration back and it will re-invoice
the customer.

> Often: We see expired or in-active customers logging in. We are "NOT" SQL
> genius's. Nor do we want to be. You said create a second db, copy the
> data to it and check the data. "NOT".

Logging in is pretty cut and dry. If an account is inactive, that
account doesn't log in. I'm guessing that either you have two MBRs
that you are looking at, or are missing the extension/limit field.

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