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John Lange ( )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 15:53:34 -0600

>Stay tuned. You should here a bunch of announcements fairly soon.

What does this mean EXACTLY!!!

We have been waiting for "REAL SOON" for 7 months.

Is this another attempt to get us to hang on for another 7 months? My boss
just a few minutes ago told me to ^%$#& or get off the pot. If we don't
have software running properly by April 30 to do whatever it takes to get
software that works.

Latest problems with 2.2.38!!!
2.2.38 uses the CR 5 print engine (can't buy CR 5 to customize) so, our CR
4 reports screw up the invoices printing the top of the next invoice on the
bottom of the current invoice. So we print from 2.2.11. OK, so NOW, 2.2.38
rounds the 5.5% tax on 19.95 to 21.04 but prints out 21.05 like it should.
Now when we pay the invoice it gives the customer .01 credit.

Next: If we delete an invoice instead of voiding it, and re-create it,
that customer will NOT get a bill the next month. OK so we now only void

Often: We see expired or in-active customers logging in. We are "NOT" SQL
genius's. Nor do we want to be. You said create a second db, copy the
data to it and check the data. "NOT".

This is "JUNK", the only thing that does work right IS RadiusNT and
authentication/accounting sort_of, and the On-Line tab.

"MAKE IT WORK" or we are out of here.

JOhn :{

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