Re: Operator Access

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:56:47 -0800

John Lange wrote:
> >> 2.2.38 uses the CR 5 print engine (can't buy CR 5 to customize) so, our CR
> >> 4 reports screw up the invoices printing the top of the next invoice on the
> >> bottom of the current invoice. So we print from 2.2.11. OK, so NOW, 2.2.38
> >
> >There is in inv50.rpt file on our FTP site that fixes this. Its
> >been hashed many times on this list.
> That's great, but I want to customize the report and put things on it like
> "Our Company Name & Address" (Duh) and I cannot buy CR5. So what good do
> CR5 invoices do if my customers can't tell where to mail them. I suppose I
> could sticky notes on the invoices with our address.

As I noted earlier, CR 6.0 can edit CR 5.0 invoices (and CR 5.0
engine can print CR 6.0 reports).

> >> Next: If we delete an invoice instead of voiding it, and re-create it,
> >> that customer will NOT get a bill the next month. OK so we now only void
> >
> >If you delete an invoice, Emerlad doesn't move the expiration back.
> >Voiding does. Just move the expiration back and it will re-invoice
> >the customer.
> That's OK for that month, But the following month the customer does NOT get
> invoiced.

You would have to give me a specific example. The only reason why
Emerlad will not invoice a customer (besides they are inactive
or don't have any services) is because there is already a non-voided
invoice for the period.

> >Logging in is pretty cut and dry. If an account is inactive, that
> >account doesn't log in. I'm guessing that either you have two MBRs
> >that you are looking at, or are missing the extension/limit field.
> That's what you said the last time, but I AM NOT SEEING THINGS.

Atleast I am consistent. :) If you have a specific example of
an expired user in your database that is getting authenticated,
then I can attach to your database and explain to you why the
users is being authenticated.

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