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Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 13:48:08 -0500

We are running Emerald 2.2 and have been running Emerald for almost 2 years.
When we started there were no doc's and guessed and many things. Along with
many phone calls and email to and from Dale. I want to keep it but I am
under alot of pressure to get the things working that were to be in there
from the beginning.

>What software are you running now?
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>> We felt pretty much the same way. After almost a year of delays, we
>> decided to cut our losses and switch to another billing package
>> instead
>> of buying aditional MBRS. Sorry but it's REALLY hard to stay loyal to
>> a
>> company that does not deliver. There are some really great features
>> in
>> Emerald that we miss but in only 60 days with the new product we are
>> MUCH further ahead in automating signups ect then we ever were with
>> Emerald. Dale, I know it's very tempting to talk about new features
>> but
>> if you anounce them and don't deliver in a reasonable amount of time
>> people tend to start looking around.
>> Chris Carey
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