Crystal Reporting of ALL Invoices

Webjogger ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Mar 1998 10:12:31 -0500


I just made a Crystal Report (5.0) which is supposed to list every single
invoice ever generated by Emerald.
(I'm doing this to have a hard copy record of where my revenue is coming
from, even if I delete an MBR and all of its associated invoice records).

The report works well, except some invoices don't appear. These invoices
appear when I look them up in Emerald, so I know the data is in the
database somewhere. Some of these invoices are VOIDs, some are open
(unpaid) renewals, some are open invoices.

The databases and links included in the report are:

InvoiceItems Invoices MasterAccounts Payments
------------------ ----------- -----------------------

There are no selection guidelines which govern the report.

Does anyone know why some invoices might not be included in the report?