Re: E-Mail Notices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 22:09:00 -0800

Randy Nickle wrote:
> >Include a invhead.txt, invbody.txt or invfoot.txt with your address
> >information. Remember those files have to be local to the machine
> >running Emerald.
> Am I to understand that if we have our mailing info in the invhead.txt the
> e-mail bills should have this mailing info? I know it is included in an
> printed bills but we can not get it to show on e-mailed bills. This has
> been an ongoing problem for us as well. We ONLY e-mail bills. Everyone
> complains about no address on them.

The three files I noted above are ONLY applicable to emailed invoices.
When Emerald 2.2 and lower goes to EMail an invoice, it will check for
those files in the CURRENT DIRECTORY where Emerald was started from.
Check your shortcut for what that is. It should be the directory where
the Emerald.exe is found at.

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