Re: Crashes while writing Credit Card Batch

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 12:47:14 -0800

Pat Augustine wrote:
> Dale,
> I thought this was an aberration but it's doing it again. Whenever I try to
> batch out credit cards, they batch just fine, but Emerald crashes ([Not
> Responding] in Task Manager) after writing out about 40 records (exactly 40
> today, 43 last week). (It continues to work on other machines just fine,
> just not on the one I usually do credit cards on).
> I've deleted and reinstalled Emerald and it made no difference. Sometimes
> after I kill Emerald through Task Manager, I also get the Blue Screen of
> Death with the following message:
> An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C029F418 in VxD VREDIR(06) + 00004C14.
> This was called from 0028:C003CD04 in VxD VREDIR(01) + 00005EDC. It may be
> possible to continue normally.
> I usually have to pop the reset button after that as it won't even shut
> down. This is on a Windows 95 Machine, with a P200 and 64MB of RAM and
> Emerald 2.1.11. It worked fine 2 weeks ago, and crashed last friday and
> again today. Emerald has no problem at any other time, other than actually
> writing the batch to the hard disk (the file is partially created, and that
> last record is aborted after the very first " (before the C1) consistently.

So if I follow, it batched out fine on one machine, but not
on another? What version of Emerald is the other one running,
and what CC system are you using?

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