Re: mailsite procedures

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 17:32:00 -0800

Mike Hollyman wrote:
> OK, I checked the database and it's ESID 2. I placed that into
> mailsiste under the emerald radius server database. I have created the
> System DSN for EmeraldDataSource with a login that is also in the
> mailsite setup for the database config. In the errorlog on the
> SQL server, it says Login Succeeded - User: MailServer Connection Non-
> Truested. So everything seems OK.
> What field does mailsite look for in the Emerald Database to create
> an Email account or not?

In the Emerald Admin, Account Types, you can associate an external
system to an account type. Only services of an account type
associated to the MailSite ES will be available to mailsite.

External systems to Emerald have three ways to put together the
email adress. Significant to see is that each group has a
specific domain associated to it, and each MBR is in a specific
group. Therefore (through the relationship) each MBR has a
specific domain associated to it.

When an External system received a request that it doesn't know,
it will check three ways to find a match:

1. If EMail is not blank, its authoritive.
2. If Shell is not blank, its used with @ and the MBR's domain
3. If login is not blank, its used with @ and the MBR's domain

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