Re: Crash during Batch Out

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:29:38 -0800

Pat Augustine wrote:
> Dale,
> I was just batching out Credit Cards when my machine hung. Emerald went to
> "Not Responding" and after killing it I got the Blue Screen of Death.
> I got a partial batchin.dat, but Emerald thinks they are batched and won't
> batch them out again. I've looked in the External Trans table and the first
> bunch of transactions are set to "2" for Transtype (more than actually made
> it to my batchin.dat), and the last are "0".
> Can I trick it by just setting them all to Transtype=3 and then Rebatching
> them, or is there implications I'm overlooking by doing that? Is there a
> simple solution that I'm overlooking?

Reset the ones from 2 to 0 (look at the LastModifyDate) that are in the
range you want. Then just rebatch. I use an SQL Statement like this:

Update ExternalTrans Set TransType = 0 Where LastModifyDate >= '2/20/98'

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