Re: Can't Invoice Next Term

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 21:37:49 -0800

John Lange wrote:
> Emerald 2.2.38
> This problem just reared it's ugly little head.
> We have about 10 out of 1000 customers that we cannot do an "Invoice Next
> Term". Emerald also did "NOT" create an invoice for these customers at the
> begining of the month.
> Now "OF COURSE" these customers are calling & complaining that they didn't
> get a bill - "Why are we cut off".
> We can still NOT do an invoice next term, it says "NO Invoices To Create".
> Paid thru, Expire, etc are all set to 2/15/98. We should be able to do this.

Typically when this happens, its because there is an existing invoice
that has an end date after the customers expire date. Emerald will NOT
created over-lapping invoices. Moving the expiredate back is one thing
that can cause this. The same routine does the batch and single
invoice, so that same results will come from it.

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