Re: Extends Locking

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:08:19 -0800

Ahmed Ossama wrote:
> Dale,
> When adding new customers, we have several workstations doing this job,
> a problem arises when the work load is high. And that is when several
> additions are attempted at the same time, sometimes the "ADD" entry for
> a user does not appear in the extends file. I think that this is because
> the file is being opened by several people at the same time (file
> locking problem). I know that this can be solved by your modifying
> Emerald to lock the file before editing it. But for now, do you have an
> immediate solution for this problem?
> Did anyone out there face the same problem? And how did you solve it?

Are you using authsync with Emerald 2.1, or just the manual export
of the External system menu? Each person doesn't have to
do the export. Unless you have a slow network, I wouldn't
believe the problem is file locking. Emerald doesn't export
expired/inactive accounts (unless you select export all). Could
that be the real issue?

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