Re: Invoices & Renewals

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 01 Feb 1998 09:20:04 -0800

Mohammed Ersan wrote:
> Hi there,
> *) Dale we have some problems we had our customers running on a certain
> services then at the beginning of this month we wanted to move them to the
> new services but first we had to CHARGE them for the extra usage on the old
> services the transfer them to the new plans then issue the [Renewal]
> Invoices but the weird issue that for some people it did not generate the
> Renewal Invoices for them is this because we generated the Charges
> separately from the Renewal in two different steps the accounts that did
> not generate for Expires in the last month (Jan 1998)

Did you run renewals for January as well as Februrary?

> *) If we assigned a NAS (Cisco 3640) port numbers that will start from 97
> and not 0 it wont show it in the CallsOnline View until we've changed it on
> our test machine in the ServerPorts table ......

The ServerPorts you enter must match whatever the Cisco returns in the
NAS-Port fields for accounting. You can run RadiusNT in -x15 debug
mode to find out what those are.

> *) If we had A Service that extends for almost 16 months and when the
> Allocated (TimeLeft) is finished the customer wants to re-new his account
> so we have to issue another Invoice but it wont issue seems the only
> solution is to VOID the old Invoice then Issue the new Invoice (and that is
> not preferable)

I am not following what you are doing. You invoices 16 months on a time
banking. Now you want to invoice another 16 months? Timebanking doesn't
work like renewal. Create a charge in the admin for the amount you want.
Then on the MBR, add the charge and add the time to the service. Finally
go to the batch tab and run an invoice (not renewal). Invoices can overlap,
Renewals can not.

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