Re: New Customer Billings

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:49:47 -0800

> Randy Nickle wrote:
> We recently upgraded to 2.2 from 2.1. Some of the changes are working quite
> nicely. There are however a few problems we seem to have encured. The main
> concerns right know all are on the billing pages:
> 1.When we set up a new customer the limit # or field defaults to 72 we do not
> know why.
> 2. we defaulted the extend periods on new accounts. So if you set up a new
> account the start date is one date and the expire date is 2 weeks later.
> However when the payment is applied to the account it advances the account
> from the expire date as opposed to the start date. This is not what we are
> trying to accomplish. We tried changing this but with no luck.We would like a
> new customer to have the opportunity to have 2 weeks to pay their original
> bill. However when the payment is posted it will advance from the starting
> date of their account. How can we do this automaticaly with each new account?

Its really the same problem. There are three fields in the Emerald Admin
for adjusting new accounts: expire, extend, and limit.

Expire is a FREE number of days. You have this set to 14 and really want
it set to 0.

Extend is a single billing cycle extend. You have this set to 0 and want
it set to 14.

Limit is a permanent extension. This sounds like its incorrectly set in
your database as 72. I do remember the 2.2 admin having a bug that would
incorrectly save another value into this field.

Your Configs table houses these values. Open up ISQL_W and
use the following statements to change the values:

Update Configs Set Values = 0 Where ConfigID = 8
Update Configs Set Values = 14 Where ConfigID = 9
Update Configs Set Values = 0 Where ConfigID = 5

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