Call History Table ... Gone?

Administrator ( (no email) )
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:14:49 -0500

I'm running Emerald 2.1.8 and a couple of days ago, I noticed that all of
MBR's no longer have any call history information.

Of course, this is a problem, since I'm billing at $1/hr when users exceed
their monthly
Internet usage limit.

All I've done in SQL is truncate the transaction log a few times, back up
the entire hard drive onto a tape device, diskdump the Emerald database,
and restart the server three times in the last week or so. Once, the
restart occurred as a result of a power outage during a storm in the middle
of a normally functioning day.

Any idea how I could find the lost call history data and resume billing my
customers? And how to prevent this from recurring?