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Raed Mounir ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 12:35:34 +0200


Thank you for your reply. We've been using the incidents feature for
sometime now. What I am looking for are features like:

* Escalation to second level support & other departments e.g. billing,
service control, etc...
* Alarms for opened tickets (based on priorities, urgency & ticket aging)
* Reports ( time taken to solve a problem, performance of a certain support
person, calls distribution over the day/week/month, questions that are more
frequently asked, etc...)
* Direct interface with our knowledge base with updating features.
* Different access levels to change the priority/urgency levels etc....

That's about some of the features I had in mind.

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Subject: Re: Trouble Ticketing software

>> Raed Mounir wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I know this might be off point & may be should not be posted to this
>> list but anyway I'd appreciate the help if anybody can. We are looking
>> into implementing a more sophisticated Trouble Ticketing Software ( also
>> commonly called help desk software ) that allows better management of our
>> online support. What would you recommend specially that we are using
>> as our billing/service control software, so we'd need a software that
>> interface with Emerald with the least problems possible.
>> Thanks & sorry again for posting a message that is not directly relevant.
>Its actually related and Emerald has an easy to use call tracking
>system built into it. If you look on the User edit screen, incidents
>tab, you can track incidents for the account. This is the same
>concept as a trouble ticketing system and intergrates and the service
>If you would like to see more features in it (be reasonable, now), let us
>know and we'll look into it.
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