E-mail credit card receipts

Adam ( (no email) )
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:11:20 -0500

Does anyone know how one might send out a receipt for credit card payments
with Emerald?

For example, if I batch some credit card invoices, I don't want to e-mail
my customer telling him/her that their account will expire unless I receive
payment (which is what sending an e-mail of their invoice would do.)
If Emerald could make an credit card invoice that says, "Your ISP has
charged $xx.xx to your credit card for the billing period mm/dd/yy to
mm/dd/yy. Thank you etc. etc." when a credit card invoice is generated,
then I could automate credit card invoice batching and just e-mail the
notifications in the same batch.

Is there some way to customize the e-mail invoice format?

I understand the future release of Emerald will utilize Crystal Reports to
generate the e-mail invoice, in which case I guess I'll be able to
customize it. Is that right?

Until then, what can I do to customize it? Or, what do you suggest to
automate the process of notifying my credit card users that I charged their

Thanks for the help,