We are down

Dusan Janjic ( djanjic@rockbridge.net )
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 13:38:34 -0500

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On several occasions we have seen references to a version 2.29 or
something like that. Dale had said that it can be used without support,
as is, since it is a beta. After another failed attempt to run calls
consolidation last nightv we are ready to try it.

1. What do we need to do to get it?

2. Are there any good souls out there that can share their experiences
with it. Down side, problems. My understanding is that this version had
fixed call consolidation problems and added the integration with
Post.Office version 3. This would be very useful feature to us. Again,
what are the known problems that people are willing to share with me.

Here is what happened last night. Calls consolidatioon started at 11:00
pm. After all night long when I came in this morning it wasn't complete.
The NT event log said that dbase log segment ran out of space, even that
we had 65MB free of log space available when we started. After
rebooting the computer, Emerald was rebulding itself for about 3 hours.
Since then there is no available space on a database segment or a log
segment. I tried to expand both segments, no luck.

We are efectively down since the autentication via text mode doesn't
work. Our Radius will load only 100 users in that mode. In ODBC mode it
reads the licence information from Emerald Administrator. We have curent
backup and we have not so curent duplicated Emerald database on a backup
server. Can you help us to solve this problem, please. We are willing to
pay hourly fee for the call,

Thank you in advance.

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