Re: Several questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 12:49:55 -0800

Duane Schaub wrote:
> I have a couple of questions. (Primarily with 2.5)

Remember 2.5 is a CLOSED beta. Any mention of it here and you
violate the 2.5 testing agreement.

> I want to set up to more easily host FrontPage sites. The idea is that all
> of the dialup accounts get a FP site preconfigured when they are entered
> into Emerald. Do you have any suggestions for doing this?

Is there a way to add FP users w/out going thru the FP administrator?
I'm not a big FP fan and have very little experience with it.

> What is the external type SAM? Will this create an NT user account for me?
> It does not look like this is its intent. Please explain its use.

Its to create NT SAM users. No explanation needed.

> Can I set up more than one external type? Example, I want to use NT mail,
> and I would like a user list of new and modified accounts so that I could
> run batch files to update passwords in NT SAM/Front Page.

No. However, you can piggy back certain ones, like NTMail. What I mean
by this is you could have an ESID of 3 that is for NT SAM, and then just
use that number with the NTMail DLL. NTMail and Mailsite have no specific
ES requirements.

> I need to be able to retain deactivated users in Emerald. The last I
> checked, inactive users still required an MBR license. Would it be
> possible for you to add a feature to allow me to archive inactive accounts
> in some manner so that If they called with questions their info could be
> located, or if they re-activated, they could be moved back to the main DB
> and place on active status? The point is that I really don't want to
> delete any account data.

We will be changing the license policy for this in the next release.

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