Several questions

Duane Schaub ( )
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 12:34:48 -0600

I have a couple of questions. (Primarily with 2.5)

I want to set up to more easily host FrontPage sites. The idea is that all
of the dialup accounts get a FP site preconfigured when they are entered
into Emerald. Do you have any suggestions for doing this?

It seems that FP really likes to user I have not
been able to find a way to create accounts anywhere other than off the root
web. Any suggestions.

What is the external type SAM? Will this create an NT user account for me?
It does not look like this is its intent. Please explain its use.

Can I set up more than one external type? Example, I want to use NT mail,
and I would like a user list of new and modified accounts so that I could
run batch files to update passwords in NT SAM/Front Page.

I need to be able to retain deactivated users in Emerald. The last I
checked, inactive users still required an MBR license. Would it be
possible for you to add a feature to allow me to archive inactive accounts
in some manner so that If they called with questions their info could be
located, or if they re-activated, they could be moved back to the main DB
and place on active status? The point is that I really don't want to
delete any account data.


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