Re: Emerald 2.2

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 10:08:00 -0800

Mohammed Ersan wrote:
> Hi there Dale,
> Sorry if this email is huge but it is so important.....
> I've installed Emerald 2.2 and I tested some of the following :
> 1- Tried to do Consolidation but it did not consolidate (MOST IMPORTANT)

Did you run the instproc.sql (and set permissions on the consolidation
procedure) and also run the updttabs.sql script? The consolidation
in 2.2 requires the procedure to run.

> 2- Server Access is it applicable or not ( Time Banking when to connect if you were subscribed to some kind of service

No. 2.2 does not support is.

> 3- Peak / off Peak is it working or not

I am not positive if 2.2.32 supports it or not.

> 4- When I choose Billing Cycle from the Admin it gives me the following error (Invalid object name "billing cycle")

Billing cycles are not supported in 2.2 (ignore them).

> 5- When I choose billing groups it gives me the following error (run time error 424 object required)

You can still use the 2.1 administrator and the 2.2 client. I don't believe
the 2.2 admin was that cleaned up (remember, this is beta stuff you are

> 6- What about the Operators Access

Not supported/implemented.

> 7- preferences - No Time Charges (???????)

Tells Emerald that when doing the consolidation not to do
time charges.

> 8- And finally the Update DB + Manual Maintenance what are those for..

Ignore them. Not needed.

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