Emerald 2.2

Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 15:39:54 +0200

Hi there Dale,
Sorry if this email is huge but it is so important.....
I've installed Emerald 2.2 and I tested some of the following :
1- Tried to do Consolidation but it did not consolidate (MOST IMPORTANT)
2- Server Access is it applicable or not ( Time Banking when to connect if you were subscribed to some kind of service
3- Peak / off Peak is it working or not
4- When I choose Billing Cycle from the Admin it gives me the following error (Invalid object name "billing cycle")
5- When I choose billing groups it gives me the following error (run time error 424 object required)
6- What about the Operators Access
7- preferences - No Time Charges (???????)
8- And finally the Update DB + Manual Maintenance what are those for..

M. Ersan