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Laslo Orto ( )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 13:09:45 -0500

Dial up networking can handle text based login, it doesnt need a script for
that. All the user has to do is enter the username and password in the
Connect To window.

At 11:09 PM 12/13/97 +1100, you wrote:
>All I want to do is let my customers login to the network, without them
>having to run login scripts. If you connect to a RAS server, ie you have
>Windows NT server with a modem attached to it and it is acting as a RAS
>server, when you connect to that modem, you are not required to type your
>username and password through a text based screen, you can simply get the
>client to pass username and password through Windows dial-up networking. At
>the moment my customers connect to a RAS server through the USR using PPTP,
>they do not get a text based login screen. As far as I can see by using
>RadiusNT and Emerald I have to set the USR settings to Dial In, and present
>a text based login. I was hoping to emulate what I have setup using the RAS
>server so there will be no disruption to the end users.
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>Date: Saturday, 13 December 1997 14:17
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>>David Moore wrote:
>>> I am not sure what your question means I think what your trying to ask is
>>> can you make a connection via PPTP and Hardwired modems, and then use
>>> NT to conduct the accounting function over PPTP no I would not think so
>>> I do not posses the knowledge to really say.
>>RADIUS itself is a passive authentication and accounting protocol.
>>It does NOT actually change, interact or filter the flow of data
>>(excluded just being able to specify a filter).
>>Whether you have hardwired modems, dialup, etc, isn't going to change
>>the basic functionality of what RADIUS itself accomplishes.
>>Unfortunately, since I really don't know the scope of what you are
>>trying to do, its difficuly to ask the right questions, much less
>>help solve the problem. :(
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