USR / Login without intervention

David Moore ( )
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 00:11:19 +1100

Dale I wish to configure a USR TC so that the end user can login without =
a text based login screen (I don't wish to have my customers use login =
scripts) ie and there is no intervention by the end user. As you would =
do when connecting to a RAS box using Microsoft networking. When I set =
the USR to hardwired (as was suggested by USR) with the host being the =
Radius/Emerald server. The user name and password are transmitted, =
however upon inspection of the on line calls option, the user name shows =
up as NULL, and the login workstation stops on: Registering your =
computer on the network. I have also noticed that no user name shows up =
using -x15. How can I fix this.

David Moore