Re: USR / Login without intervention

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 08:31:31 -0800

David Moore wrote:
> All I want to do is let my customers login to the network, without them
> having to run login scripts. If you connect to a RAS server, ie you have
> Windows NT server with a modem attached to it and it is acting as a RAS
> server, when you connect to that modem, you are not required to type your
> username and password through a text based screen, you can simply get the
> client to pass username and password through Windows dial-up networking. At
> the moment my customers connect to a RAS server through the USR using PPTP,
> they do not get a text based login screen. As far as I can see by using
> RadiusNT and Emerald I have to set the USR settings to Dial In, and present
> a text based login. I was hoping to emulate what I have setup using the RAS
> server so there will be no disruption to the end users.

Ok. Now we are starting to get somewhere. :)

You should be able to set the ports to Login/Network. Even though
the USR will provide a login prompt, it will still listen for PPP
and if LCP is requested from the dialup side (DUN) it will auth
via PAP, rather than a script.

Either authentication (PAP/login) will be authed to RadiusNT and
get the user on. This is the normal way the USR authenticates.

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