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David Moore ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 08:20:30 +1100

I am not sure what your question means I think what your trying to ask is
can you make a connection via PPTP and Hardwired modems, and then use radius
NT to conduct the accounting function over PPTP no I would not think so but
I do not posses the knowledge to really say.

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Date: Saturday, 13 December 1997 4:27
Subject: Re: USR / Login without intervention

>David Moore wrote:
>> You require the Netserver card and I our case Quad Analog / Digital modem
>> cards, add PPTP as one off the protocols in NT networking, set the number
>> virtual private networks to match the number of modems in the chassis,
>> the modems to hard wired, setup PPTP in the global options on the
>> card for the Windows NT RAS server host address, and away you go you
>> RAS modems. This setup is quite effective however I have noticed that
>> RadusNT is about 75% faster or in real terms 3-3.5k per second download
>> on RAS, and 5-6.5k per second download rate for RadiusNT I put this down
>> NT overhead as all packets would then encapsulate and go through the RAS
>> apposed to going to the default gateway or wherever.
>Is there a way to auth the call and then send back an attribute from
>RadiusNT to tell the USR to setup a PPTP to NT rather than do PPTP
>on all calls?
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