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David Moore ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 00:22:55 +1100

You require the Netserver card and I our case Quad Analog / Digital modem
cards, add PPTP as one off the protocols in NT networking, set the number of
virtual private networks to match the number of modems in the chassis, setup
the modems to hard wired, setup PPTP in the global options on the Netserver
card for the Windows NT RAS server host address, and away you go you have
RAS modems. This setup is quite effective however I have noticed that
RadusNT is about 75% faster or in real terms 3-3.5k per second download rate
on RAS, and 5-6.5k per second download rate for RadiusNT I put this down to
NT overhead as all packets would then encapsulate and go through the RAS as
apposed to going to the default gateway or wherever.

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Date: Friday, 12 December 1997 17:54
Subject: Re: USR / Login without intervention

>David Moore wrote:
>> We currently have our USR TC system setup as hardwired and we are using
PPTP over RAS to enable our customers direct login I was hoping to move off
RAS and implement Emerald /RadiusNT without any disruption to our customers.
Which is why I wish to resol
>ve this final issue before we purchase Emerald.
>I don't understand where the authentication comes into play? If the
>TC is setup as hardwired, does it still auth via PPP/PAP or something?
>What is hanging off the USR TC? Is it just standard modems, or
>internal digital modems, or?
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