Re: USR / Login without intervention

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 09:18:37 -0800

David Moore wrote:
> Dale I wish to configure a USR TC so that the end user can login without a text based login screen (I don't wish to have my customers use login scripts) ie and there is no intervention by the end user. As you would do when connecting to a RAS box using Microsoft networking. When I set the USR to hardwired (as was suggested by USR) with the host being the Radius/Emerald server. The user name and password are transmitted, however upon inspection of the on line calls option, the user name shows up as NULL, and the login workstation stops on: Registering your computer on the network. I have also noticed that no user name shows up using -x15. How can I fix this.

What you are looking for is PPP, not hardwired. PPP handles the
authentication for you user by asking the information up front (or in
the dialer's config) and then gives it to the USR. Configuring the USR
for PPP operations is outside the scope of RadiusNT, but you should
be able to find plenty of information about it on USR, err, 3Com's

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