Re: Fw: Visual Foxpro 5.0 Kills Emerald

Jeremy Domingue ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 10:26:03 -0800

>We include 30 days "up and running" support with Emerald. Most people
>have either well abused that or received lots of support for free.
>That specifically refers to phone support. Email support is always free.

Maybe that's where I got confused. I didn't even know there was phone
support though.

>There are probably well over 15 controls used by Emerald. Most are
>common controls (like comdlg32, etc) and some are more specific (like

>These are the only ones that seem different that what
>I have here. Most are probably just because I have SP2 for
>VS installed. Have you installed SP2 for Visual Studio (which
>includes the VFP updates)? You might want to install that.
>Also, did you install a Crystal Reports with VFP? I've
>seen situations where a customer installs a standard edition
>of CR over Emerald and it prevents Emerald from running.

I'll go install the service pack now and let you know what happens. I didn't
install Crystal Reports with FoxPro, as I have no need for it in the program
that I am creating.

Jeremy Domingue
Tehachapi Mountain Internet