Re: Fw: Visual Foxpro 5.0 Kills Emerald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 10:12:12 -0800 ()

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Jeremy Domingue wrote:

> >Most people here know I usually will bend over backwards (and usually
> >not charge) to support our products.
> Hmm...I could have swore that support was included with our price when we
> paid for Emerald. Maybe I was mistaken.

We include 30 days "up and running" support with Emerald. Most people
have either well abused that or received lots of support for free.
That specifically refers to phone support. Email support is always free.

> I have responded to every question you have asked. I have NO IDEA which
> control is causing this; if I did, I certainly would have told you that by
> now. I ASSUMED that you would know which controls the licensing portion of
> Emerald uses.

There are probably well over 15 controls used by Emerald. Most are
common controls (like comdlg32, etc) and some are more specific (like

> I took the time to compare file sizes of controls included with Emerald, and
> controls that now exist on my machine. Every one is different.
> Comdlg32 old -> 47,239 new -> 92,672
> Crystl32 old -> 61,178 new -> 116,224
> Msmask32 old -> 43,493 new -> 76,800
> Picclp32 old -> 27,269 new -> 52,736
> Spin32 old -> 28,754 new -> 52,736
> Tabctl32 old -> 70,465 new -> 162,064

These are the only ones that seem different that what
I have here. Most are probably just because I have SP2 for
VS installed. Have you installed SP2 for Visual Studio (which
includes the VFP updates)? You might want to install that.
Also, did you install a Crystal Reports with VFP? I've
seen situations where a customer installs a standard edition
of CR over Emerald and it prevents Emerald from running.

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