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On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, David Moore wrote:

> I am new to this list but I have been watching it for 3 days. I have managed to overcome most of the difficulties, including making Radius work as a service, and modifying the MBR to make the State field 3 char for Australia, I can login and authenticate, I have changed the dictionary so record 4 and 32 won't clash.
> Problem 1. I have not been able to get records to show up in the Emerald billing front end, and I can not get a on-line call status to show me who is on-line. I have watched Radius using -x15 debug and calls appear to be saved in the Emerald data base when I look at the tables I can even see records in the calls table with IP, name, time on in seconds etc. Any body got any suggestions.

Make sure #4 is "NAS-Identifier" in your RadAttributes table, NOT
#32. I usually name #32 "NAS-ID2".

On a technical note Calls.NASIdentifier must match an entry in
Servers.IPAddress or callsonline will not work.

> Problem 2. I would like to use CHAP and PAP I have only been able
> to get PAP to work. How do I configure the Netserver to first look
> for CHAP and then if this protocol is not used revert to PAP. I have
> no user records stored on the netserver card and don't wish to.

Thats a client preference issue. PPP will negotiate PAP or CHAP.
RadiusNT should handle both fine. You should be able to confgiure
your USR to allow both, or one of those.

> Is there a FAQ for the setup of USR TC, Emerald and RadiusNT, it would
> seem to me there need to be one.

Actually its not that much different than any other NAS. The only
issue I know of is the double NAS-Identifier problem noted above.

> Small Bug problem if you setup NT using Australian Time and date
> ie DD/MM/YY the demo version stops working next time you login to
> Emerald. so you have to run Emerald using USA time and date.

Internation Date formats are a known issue that we are addressing
in the next release.

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