Re: Fw: Visual Foxpro 5.0 Kills Emerald

Jeremy Domingue ( (no email) )
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 09:38:53 -0800

>Most people here know I usually will bend over backwards (and usually
>not charge) to support our products.

Hmm...I could have swore that support was included with our price when we
paid for Emerald. Maybe I was mistaken.

>Which I don't have except for 2.5 and 2.5 right now WOULD require support.

I'll take your word for that. Just looking for another option...

>Which we have.

If you have, why haven't you released a new version of Emerald for over 6
months? The "released" Emerald still has very old controls. If you have been
implementing new controls, why don't we ever see new versions that use them?

>Because you'll put it into production and demand support.

I didn't know you were psychic.

>I've asked several questions to try and get more information about
>whats going on, but you'd rather bitch at me then try and help me
>solve your problem.

>Like I've said TWICE now, without response from YOU (how can I give
>you support on a problem when you don't work with me?) tell me WHICH
>controls your having problems with and I'll dig into it. Please, just
>do that and lets solve this.

I have responded to every question you have asked. I have NO IDEA which
control is causing this; if I did, I certainly would have told you that by
now. I ASSUMED that you would know which controls the licensing portion of
Emerald uses.

I took the time to compare file sizes of controls included with Emerald, and
controls that now exist on my machine. Every one is different.

Anibtn32 old -> 81,453 new -> 144,384
Cimail old -> 48,773 new -> 102,912
Comdlg32 old -> 47,239 new -> 92,672
Crystl32 old -> 61,178 new -> 116,224
Gauge32 old -> 32,740 new -> 63,488
Graph32 old -> 139,264 new -> 326,656
Grid32 old -> 49,152 new -> 89,600
Keysta32 old -> 42,625 new -> 118,272
Msmask32 old -> 43,493 new -> 76,800
Msoutl32 old -> 45,056 new -> 78,848
Picclp32 old -> 27,269 new -> 52,736
Spin32 old -> 28,754 new -> 52,736
Tabctl32 old -> 70,465 new -> 162,064
Threed32 old -> 98,555 new -> 200,704
Vbsql old -> 23,211 new -> 43,520

Jeremy Domingue
Tehachapi Mountain Internet