Re: Fw: Visual Foxpro 5.0 Kills Emerald

Jeremy Domingue ( (no email) )
Sun, 7 Dec 1997 19:54:55 -0800

>Posting a private e-mail message to the public is very un-netiquette,
>among other things. Also posting mail from me to you in private to
>a list just to put pressure is an immature thing to do and will not
>result in any different behavior by myself or IEA Software.

It wasn't to "put pressure". I felt everyone should know exactly what type
of support you provide to people who have been customers of yours for over a
year. After dealing with you on many different issues, posting to the
mailing list seems to get the most prompt response.

>And when you have problems with it we have to stop the development to
>help you with beta software. Is that fair to all the other people waiting
>for 2.5?

I told you I _didn't need support_. ALL that I need is an emerald.exe file
that will execute correctly with the new controls that FoxPro obviously

>We can not gurantee that our program will work with everything you install
>on your computer. We can not possibly predict whether Microsoft will
>a new version of a control that will cause Emerlad to not work. The
>distribution of Emerald worked with its components. The tablctl32.ocx was
>a nightmare for most Emerald customers, and we couldn't do a whole lot
>it because we didn't have the code to change it.
>The fact is you installed software on your computer that changed a
>file for a control Emerald needs. We can not gurantee that 2.5 itself will
>solve the problem either.

No, you can't predict when Microsoft will produce a new control, but you
could certainly implement the new controls when they are released.

You can't say whether or not that 2.5 will work with these new
controls...well, why can't it be attempted?

If you know of another way to make 2.1.11 work, then, at this point, I could
care less how long it takes you to get 2.5 out.

>I've been working with you on this. I don't have a majic wand to wave
>like you so deeply believe. Your the first too report this (two days ago)
>and you want us to bend over backwards to give a solution to something we
>don't even know what the problem is?

Frankly, I am not happy with any of the support given on any of our recent
problems. I can't simply say "oh well, Emerald doesn't work, we'll get it
fixed in a few days/weeks". It seems every time we have a problem with
Emerald it's either "Wait for the new version", or "sorry, can't do that".

>My mistake. I assumed you had Visual Studio 97 and not just Visual
>Foxpro. You could check the dates of the files ending with .oc*
>in the Emerlad distribution with your system files of the same
>name and find out which ones where changed.

Going back to the old outdated control files that Emerald uses would cause
the program that I am developing in FoxPro to have the same problem that
Emerald does. I'd like to continue compiling my program with the newest
released controls, not old ones.

Jeremy Domingue
Tehachapi Mountain Internet