Trimming CALLS table

Software Team ( )
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 15:14:56 +0300


(I am using RadiusNT .60 in ODBC mode)
I want to trim calls table with a trigger, by deleting the records =
AcctStatusType<>2 when the user discconnected and the final calls insert =
is done for that user.
However first I must learn that if the records in calls table with =
AcctStatusType<>2 are needed.
If they are not needed, why does radius do it for us ? (deleting the =
unneeded records from calls)

I think they are not needed, after the AcctStatusType=3D2 is inserted.

If it is possible to document the procedures for the operations doing on =
calls table , could you feed me ?

Thanks in advance

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