RE: RadiusNT 1.16.60 unable to report NT4.0 RARAS accounting

Bruno A. Karoly ( (no email) )
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 14:48:32 -0400

Thanks for your reply...

I guess that if I was in your place I'd take the same position. How do
you suggest going about letting MS know? I think it's important that
people tell them about their non RFC compliant RADIUS client. Besides
that there is a lot left to be desired about the way their
administrative client for RARAS works as well. In the meantime I'm
hungry for reasonable workarounds and if I had your skill I'd be working
on them right now. Your input is very helpful.

How does one go about removing the primary key? I'm not sure that I
even know where to find it. Does removing it impact the database
acitivty of other NASs attached to the system? We are running 3 NT
RARAS servers and one USR NetServer.



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> Bruno A. Karoly wrote:
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> > Greetings...
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> > I see that there has been mention of subject problem here. My
> question
> > is will the forthcoming release of RadiusNT 2.2.? be able to address
> any
> > of this problem?
> These are NOT RadiusNT "problems". Its Microsoft putting a very week
> first attempt into a RADIUS compatable client. Their client is NOT
> compliant and we will not create a fix to work with their non-
> compliant implementation. Your best bet is to complain to them about
> it.
> > It's clear that MS is not sending the proper accounting info and
> > therefore RadiusNT is rejecting the accounting data. Seems to me
> that
> > there might be some way to have RadiusNT accept some of the data,
> since
> > some data is being sent.
> There is. Take off the primary key and it will save the accounting
> date. Bewarned, that when you do that, you open up the possibility
> of storing duplicate accounting data.
> Its not that RadiusNT will not work with their client, its that their
> client isn't sending enough information to be useful.
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