RADIUS Installation

Jeff Binkley ( jeff.binkley@asacomp.com )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 15:02:00 -0500

I was getting ready to test RadiusNT with my USR Total Control system.
However, I was reading the FAQs on Emerald's site and it states that RadiusNT
must be in the c:\radius directory. Unfortunately, the server I am running
this on doesn't have a logical C drive. (It's a long story so don't ask) The
version of Radius which shipped from USR is currently running on a logical
drive labeled W. Is RadiusNT this restrictive ? I hope this doesn't preclude
me from being able to use it.

I can't believe I am having this difficult of a time finding something which
will me a few simple criteria:

Run using an SQL server
Pass filters to the USR node
Pass statically assigned IP addresses
Do accounting and security authorization
Be able to do concurrency checking
Be able to administer users remotely

I can't believe that these aren't simple requirements of all ISPs. USR's
version of RADIUS meets all of them if I could get it to run on an SQL
server and not Access. Using Access is slower and makes remote administration
tough. Even when I was using NT's RAS I could do all of these except
concurrency checking and filtering. I feel like I've taken a step backwards
with by using Radius <frustration mode off>...

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing