Re: Multiple Network Cards

Scott Lagos ( )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 15:04:37 -0400

FWIW, I also saw and confirmed this problem many many versions ago on NT 3.51.

At 11:15 AM 7/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Graeme Slogrove wrote:
>> On 18 Jul 97 at 17:45, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
>> In regard to my previous problem with one IP address on our local
>> machine not working properly, I've found that each time RADIUS is run
>> it will not necessarily bind to the first network card in the machine
>> and hence send replies using the wrong IP address. Is there a way
>> around this ?
>I have always known the bindings to be consistant and predictable.
>We recently ran into this situations (which I somewhat described on
>the list earlier, see the archives) about a multi-homed, multi-nic
>machine and the problem that cam up with it. NT itself will send
>the replies using the first configured IP in the same class as the
>destination. If it is not in the same subnet, it will always use
>the primary IP address (or the first in the same subnet as the
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