Re: RADIUS Installation

Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:38:52 -0400

You can run RadiusNT from any drive. It's just recommended in the docs that
you get it working in the C:\radius directory first so that you have one
less issue to worry about when trying to debug.


> From: Jeff Binkley <>
> To:
> Subject: RADIUS Installation
> Date: Saturday, July 19, 1997 4:02 PM
> I was getting ready to test RadiusNT with my USR Total Control system.
> However, I was reading the FAQs on Emerald's site and it states that
> must be in the c:\radius directory. Unfortunately, the server I am
> this on doesn't have a logical C drive. (It's a long story so don't ask)
> version of Radius which shipped from USR is currently running on a
> drive labeled W. Is RadiusNT this restrictive ? I hope this doesn't
> me from being able to use it.
> I can't believe I am having this difficult of a time finding something
> will me a few simple criteria:
> Run using an SQL server
> Pass filters to the USR node
> Pass statically assigned IP addresses
> Do accounting and security authorization
> Be able to do concurrency checking
> Be able to administer users remotely
> I can't believe that these aren't simple requirements of all ISPs. USR's
> version of RADIUS meets all of them if I could get it to run on an SQL
> server and not Access. Using Access is slower and makes remote
> tough. Even when I was using NT's RAS I could do all of these except
> concurrency checking and filtering. I feel like I've taken a step
> with by using Radius <frustration mode off>...
> Jeff Binkley
> ASA Network Computing
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