Re: Radius and DNS

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 01:58:59 -0700

Information At TDPNet wrote:
> Does RadiusNT have the ability to pass the DNS servers IP address to
> the dialup clients. I am using a USR Netserver16/I, and my Win95
> clients have "obtain DNS address from server", but name resolution
> doesn't happen, unless they hard code this value in dialup networking.
> Is the Netservers IDLE-Timeout supported with RadiusNT? USR Support
> claims that I should check with the Radius vendor to see if it is
> supported. If so is the value minutes or seconds? IS Session-Timeout
> supported?

If the NAS supports this via RADIUS atributes, yes. However, this
is a NAS implementation features that doesn't have anything specific
to do with RadiusNT. For example you can define the DNS servers in
the PM's global config which it will pass. I believe an Ascend
can use either RADIUS or it's global config for this. It really
varies per NAS and is something you'll have to ask you NAS vendor